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Bright Hardening Photo Bright Hardening Photo Bright Hardening Photo

Bright Hardening

Decrease a metal alloys ductility and increase it's hardness. A common method is to heat the material to well above it's recrystallization temperature and then quench it in a fluid such as oil, water or salt water.

Cryogenics Photo Cryogenics Photo Cryogenics Photo


In tool steels, cryogenic treatment can increase a materials strength and hardness as well as it's toughness and wear resistance. In electrical cables and electronics components cryogenics can improve conductivity and reduce micro-diode-effect noise.

Gas Carburizing Photo Gas Carburizing Photo Gas Carburizing Photo

Gas Carburizing

Increase a metal alloys hardness but only on the outer surface. The material is heated in a furnace that is injected with an atmospheric gas rich in carbon. The outer surface of the material absorbs carbon from the atmospheric gas thus hardening the surface.

Pack Carburizing Photo Pack Carburizing Photo Pack Carburizing Photo

Pack Carburizing

Gas & Pack Carburizing are similar but with Pack Carburizing, instead of injecting an atmospheric gas into the furnace the metal parts are packed in a metal box with each part surrounded by small pellets of carbon rich material. When the box is heated to the proper temperature the metal parts absorb carbon from the pellets which hardens their outer surface.

Normalizing Photo Normalizing Photo Normalizing Photo


Heating ferrous alloys to approximately 100° F above the critical temperature range, followed by cooling in air. It is used to undo previous heat treating results so as to achieve a uniform grain structure.

Stress Relieving Photo Stress Relieving Photo Stress Relieving Photo

Stress Relieving

Heating an alloy to a suitable temperature, holding long enough to reduce residual stresses, and then cooling slowly enough to minimize the development of new residual stresses. This treatment is used to relieve stresses caused by welding, cold working, machining, casting, and quenching.

Tempering Photo Tempering Photo Tempering Photo


Used to increase the toughness of iron based steels. Tempering is usually performed after hardening to reduce some of the excess hardness. It is accomplished by heating the metal to some temperature below the critical point for a certain period of time, then allowing it to cool in still air.

Vacuum Hardening Photo Vacuum Hardening Photo Vacuum Hardening Photo

Vacuum Hardening

A vacuum furnace uses low atmospheric pressures instead of a protective gas atmosphere like most heat-treating furnaces. Metals treated in a Vacuum furnace experience less deformation and are much cleaner.

Sandblasting Photo Sandblasting Photo Sandblasting Photo


Sandblasting is when A mixture of high pressure air and sand is sprayed over parts to clean them

Shot Blasting Photo Shot Blasting Photo Shot Blasting Photo

Shot Blasting

A machine hurls tiny ball bearings at parts to clean and polish them.

Conditioning Photo Conditioning Photo Conditioning Photo


A preliminary heat treatment used to prepare a material for a desired reaction to a subsequent heat treatment.

Annealing Photo Annealing Photo Annealing Photo


Increase a metals ductility and reduce its hardness, making it more workable. For most ferrous metals annealing invloves heating a material to above its recrystallization temperature for a suitable amount of time and then cooling, in most cases slowly, in air.

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Bayson Heat Treating Inc, has provided reliable, exceptional, dependable & on-time heat treating services to Rho-Can for over 25 years. What has assisted us, is their willingness to process our rush orders on time and done right. With the help of Bayson, we are able to provide our customers with better service. Mark and his staff are honest and have a get down to business work ethic. As a result, we have formed a valuable partnership that has lasted over 25 years. We would not hesitate to refer & recommend Bayson Heat Treating Inc, to other organizations in need of quality services from a heat treating supplier.
Management Team @ Rho-Can

Parmerit Inc.

We are a medium size custom machining facility that works with many different industries. We design and build automated machines and other mechanical devises for our customers. We work with many different types of heat treatable materials from A2, D2, 4140,17-4 Stainless and many other materials. Bayson has always been able to heat treat all the materials we work with. Even when we had to cryogenically treat some D2 cutting knives. Their staff has always been very courteous and polite to work with over the phone and in person. Their service is prompt and they always get the parts done it the time we require. We look forward to working with Bayson for many years to come.
Dave Degroot, Machining shop floor supervisor.

Delta Machine and Design Ltd.

Delta Machine and Design Ltd. has been using Bayson Heat Treating Inc for many years. Their customer service and response times are great. We rely on them to help us meet our customers tight deadlines and they are a valued supplier to us.
Kevin Stubbe, General Manager

Bos Innovations Inc.

For the last 23 years Bayson Heat Treating has been an integral partner for Bos Innovations, providing a valuable, reliable and consistently high level of service.
Shaun Huigenbos, Tool Room and Fabrications Manager

Central Machine & Marine Inc.

Bayson Heat Treating Inc. has & will remain to be our main supplier of heat treating services. Their expertise and quick turnaround has helped to make our business a success.
Bruce Kennedy, General Manager